Hi! I’m Lydia!

Glad you decided to stop by!

I am starting this blog as a creative outlet to document my journey through medical school and share some of my interests outside of medicine. My passion in life is learning; my mom has always referred to me as an information addict. I love debating politics, discussing theology or studying poetry. I have a desire to serve and I live for adventure. Sometimes I have the desire to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro and sometimes I just want to sit and play guitar. I like to think that I am athletic but I also like to think that I am fashionable (usually fashionably late and sometimes fashionably dressed).

I think many people (like me) have passions that don’t seem to fit in with medicine or where they are currently working. Ultimately, I think there is something beautiful about learning how to unite ones work with ones passions. I am blessed to be able to unite my passion for medicine with my passion for people but I definitely DO NOT have a passion for studying. I know there is a time and place for everything so right now I am in the process of embracing my place. When we trust that God chooses the part we play, then we need not worry about our obscurity and anonymity, only our obedience to play our part. God will sustain. God will provide. Therefore, I can embrace my place as a medical student. I can give 4 years of my life to pursue the calling God has written on my heart.

I do not believe in living each day like it’s my last (that would be reckless) but I do believe in living with the constant reminder that nothing is guaranteed. With that being said, I will not hold myself to a standard of perfection but to a standard of grace. I seek to take every skill and experience that I have been blessed with and use it to serve others and ultimately serve Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria.

To God alone be the Glory.

I pray that my life will be a reflection of those very words.


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